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No legs and one functioning arm: How I get into a car

When after a car accident I had to continue living without my legs and with only one arm, it seemed like I would not be able to do so many things by myself. Getting into a car was one of them. My dad would pick me up and sit me in a car.

I hated to feel so helpless and depend on others for everything I needed. But I felt trapped. I was no longer able to do it.

But it was true until I changed the way I was thinking: instead of automatically saying “I can’t” I began saying to myself “I can do this” and figuring out How To do all that I wanted to do.

It was life-changing! Just by changing the way I was thinking and what questions I asked myself I was able to go from being fully dependent on another person for every daily need to traveling across the globe by myself and establishing independent and fulfilling life.

We limit ourselves by thinking that possibilities are limited. Breakthrough happens when we take charge of our way of thinking and look for possibilities.

Don’t rush to tell yourself that you cannot do something. Instead, ask yourself a question “How can I? What is the way?” And then, look for your answer until you find it. I know, it may sound like a too simple thing to do for a big change. But try anyway. You will see what a tremendous difference it will make in your life.

This is a short video of me getting into an SUV and into a wheelchair-accessible vehicle.  

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More about my true story and practical advice on how to be strong and be unstoppable in your pursuit, you can find in my book “UNSTOPPABLE. I’s a Choice”. It was recognized among the best books in the spring in the San Francisco Book Festival 2018, and I hope you will enjoy it, too. And most of all, may it make a difference in your life.

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Who Will Design Your 2019?

Happy New Year!

As we begin a new year, we all are determined and enthusiastic and hoping this year will be a better year. And then, we get into a routine of daily to-dos, challenges, problems…

Who will end up designing your 2019? Random outside events? …Or YOU?

If you won’t be in charge of how your days go and which direction your year will take, then random events and circumstances will be in charge of your year. You will end up just reacting to whatever happens in your life.

You know, for many years I thought that my life depended on what my circumstances allowed me to do and to experience. I did not really have any aspirations, and I didn’t even think about any goals. I did not even have the concept of having a vision of what I wanted to achieve and deliberately creating what I wanted in my life. My understanding was that my life just depends on whatever happens on a day-to-day basis. With that mindset, I was going nowhere, only daily reacting to random events and the outside world’s impact on my life.

I lived this way until I got into the car accident and my life was brutally changed. Only then I learned that there is another way to live – you can design your life. You can set your mind on what you want to accomplish in your life and deliberately begin fulfilling it. I didn’t know then that this is what I was going to do. I just despised what the crash has created and I deliberately began changing my circumstances. I did what I had never done – I decided what I wanted in order to feel happy, set goals that would lead me to my vision and began living with intention. With time, by achieving one goal after another, I totally changed my life.

Now I know – Life is what you make it. And it begins with your awareness and decision to live with intention.

Don’t allow random outside events to design your year! YOU take the lead.

How? First, ask yourself what you really want.

  • What would make your year meaningful and purposeful?
  • What needs to happen for you to feel confident, truly happy and content?
  • What needs to change so you feel better about yourself and your life?
  • Is there anything you would like to do, to learn or challenge yourself and achieve?
  • What would make your life exciting and fulfilling?
  • What do you think the Lord wants you to fulfill?

Once you know exactly what you want, make a strategy how you’re going to make it happen. What are the possible ways to achieve it? What goals would bring you to your vision? You might say it’s impossible. But please hear me. I’ve been there. The life that I get to live today is not a mere coincidence nor am I just a lucky one. I deliberately aimed for it. And when I started planning how to change my circumstances and restore my life after the car accident, it was hard to even consider that my vision was possible. I was advised many times to think realistically – what I wanted was simply not possible. All circumstances were against me. Everywhere I looked there were tremendous difficulties and unchangeable obstacles in front of me.

But I knew that with God’s help I could change those circumstances. And indeed, when my efforts seemed powerless, the Lord stepped in and in the most incredible way, He arranged favorable situations, connected me with people who were willing to help me, and He created new opportunities where there seemed none. It was unbelievable! What you can’t do the Lord will. Just trust Him. Those who trust in the Lord will never be ashamed. But you need to be bold and step out of your comfort zone and design your year by living on purpose.

Live with intention every day. Always keep in mind where you are headed and be consistent in your efforts to achieve your aspiration. Big changes don’t happen overnight nor does success suddenly show up as ‘Luck’. It takes time. It takes relentless work. It’s your daily choices to make the effort and consistent actions compounded will deliver the successful result.

Please understand – you are the author of your life story. Your year and your life are in your hands, not in the hands of your circumstances or random outside events. With God’s help, you can have an incredible life.

Live with intention.  Make your 2019 an extraordinary year!


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