Can you move forward by going backwards?

01 Feb

Everyone has various events that hurt us. I’m sure all of you experienced pain because of some daily events or people, who hurt you. Usually we dwell on that for some time, thinking about it right? 

Can you move forward by going backwards? Same way, you can’t move forward in life, if in your mind you keep going back to what had happened earlier. The past events now are only the facts that cannot be changed. It’s a “historical” fact.:) Also, going back to them in your mind won’t make you feel better nor will it empower you. In fact, you make it only worse for yourself, because by constantly thinking about your unsuccessful attempt to accomplish something, who hurt you or what you have lost, you re-live the pain over and over again. 

 Your faith, empowering attitude and actions that you choose today can make a change. By focusing on what you have today (forget what you have lost or what you cannot do!) and how you can improve your circumstances can change the direction of your life.  Your past events cannot determine how you feel nor can it determine your future, if you decide not to dwell on your past, but move forward creating the life you truly desire.  Take care, and… step forward, not backwards.  


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One response to “Can you move forward by going backwards?

  1. Bobe

    February 1, 2012 at 10:42 PM

    I love it. I needed to hear this today, badly.


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