Welcoming new UNSTOPPABLE Followers!

20 Aug

Dear UNSTOPPABLE Followers,

Just a short note – You surprised me again! 🙂 Last night, in my message to you I welcomed the followers, who subscribed in June, increasing the number from 360 to 390. After I sent my message, I saw that there are actually 401 followers, not 390! First, I thought maybe it’s some kind of mistake, because just a day ago it was 390. But, it looks like more people joined me in one day, and I want to welcome you as well! 🙂 So, going back to my message that I sent last night, I welcome all my Followers, 🙂 Thank you for joining!

“When obstacles arise,

you change your direction to reach your goal, you do not change your decision to get there.” ~Zg Ziglar

Make your day outstanding!
Abundant blessings, Inga




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